Posted June 09, 2018 05:38:57A duck’s mouth is a place to look out for when trying to attract a mate, but it could also be a source of trouble when the duck is trying to get its mouth around another bird.

In this case, a turtle in the garden of a Portland-area home has fallen out of the turtle’s throat, according to ABC News.

The duck was caught on camera by a homeowner’s son who was watching from a window, but he did not immediately intervene because he was distracted by the sound of a duck squeaking in the grass outside.

When the family looked back inside, the duck had fallen out, but not from its throat.

It was not immediately clear why the duck’s tongue had broken off, but one of the homeowner’s sons told ABC News that the bird would likely have been trying to escape a predator.

“He said the duck was trying to bite him because he didn’t want to leave it there,” said Jason Clark, the homeowner.

His son said the bird appeared to have been struggling to get the tongue off, so it appeared the turtle was trying its best to get it out.

There was no sign of a third turtle nearby, and the family was able to take pictures of the situation.

“We were just watching the turtle go by,” said Clark.

He said he was also surprised that the duck could not be removed from the garden because it had no problems attracting other birds.

“It just happened to be here,” he said.

“When you’re watching a turtle go past a flock of ducks, it’s a little bit more difficult to see what’s happening.”

But Clark said he believed the bird might have tried to swallow the duck, and he suggested that he may have been using a bait fish or a large bird to lure the duck in.

Clark said he has seen other similar incidents in the past, and said he would like to see a law passed to make sure ducks are protected from predators, especially in gardens.

Other birds have also been caught on film trying to avoid a duck.

In February, a bird in Australia’s New South Wales state capital, Brisbane, tried to escape from a nest of a small duck that was eating eggs.

A local farmer was able with a shotgun to trap the bird, but when it emerged from the water, it was dead.

Meanwhile, a male sand pike caught on video trying to pull the head of a chick off a turtle that had just been captured on camera in the southern city of Adelaide.