The simple trick to making your home more eco friendly is to get creative with lighting.

A tiny LED lights up your kitchen, your bathroom, and even your bathroom fixtures, creating a beautiful, organic and easy to maintain look.

This DIY project is sure to get your house on the eco-friendly good side of things.1.

Start by cutting out a piece of white paper.2.

Place the LED bulb on the paper and then fold the paper over to make a tube.3.

Wrap the tube around the bulb and then place it on top of the LED and fold the tube back down.4.

Place your LED bulb in your refrigerator, where you can easily access it and adjust it to whatever lighting you need.5.

Use a dimmer switch to turn on the bulb when you want it on or off.6.

When you need it to be off, put the bulb in a container, close the lid and remove the bulb.7.

Repeat the process for the other two bulbs.8.

Put the LED light in your bedroom, where the bulb will be in the corner and you can adjust the brightness to whatever you need for your space.9.

Use the dimmer on your bathroom light and adjust the light’s brightness to what you want.10.

Use your smartphone or tablet to navigate through your home’s menu and control the LED lighting.11.

Repeat for the kitchen lights.12.

Add the LED bulbs to your decor and make your kitchen a bright, green and inviting place.13.

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