Pebbles and other colorful pieces of garden decor from Mexican artist Maria Elena Garcia are all being used by artists in the US to promote their own art, a trend she believes is growing worldwide.

Garcia said she decided to do something about it by creating a garden-themed piece in the city of San Diego.

“There are so many different garden-related products, but we want to make it the garden is the product,” Garcia said.

“We want to create the image of a garden.

And we wanted to show that.”

A few of the items Garcia is working on are for a garden center in San Diego and a museum in Arizona.

“I don’t want to be a garden designer,” Garcia added.

“It’s a business.”

“I think the world needs to realize there is a difference between art and commerce,” Garcia, whose work has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, The Wall Street Review and The Atlantic, said in an interview.

“When you’re selling art and people buy it, that’s great, but when it’s selling products like these, it’s a different story.”

Garcia’s artwork is all inspired by natural ecosystems.

Her pieces include pebble sculptures and colorful sculptures that can be purchased online.

“If we can’t get these out of the homes, we want people to see that these are our beautiful plants, and we’re doing it in the same way as a real garden,” Garcia told NBC News.

Garcia’s passion for nature inspired her to create a new project for San Diego called “The Garden,” which has been featured on CNN, NBC, NBC News, MSNBC and The Wall St. Journal.

The garden is inspired by the idea that there are things in nature that we are meant to cherish.

“The plants and animals in the garden, and all of these plants and things, are very important to me and to many people in the United States,” Garcia explained.

“So when I do a garden show, I try to bring together people who don’t necessarily see their garden as a garden at all, but they see it as an important part of their lives and their way of living.

I want people, people from different cultures, to come and see this.”

Garcia said there are people in San Francisco who are also using garden art for a very specific purpose.

“Some of the things that we do, people are doing them to really reflect their own life,” Garcia noted.

“They’re going out to their gardens and just creating these amazing works of art, because they love these plants, they love this kind of life.”

Garcia has also worked with other artists, including a couple of Mexican artists who specialize in watercolor and painting.

“In my own garden, I’ve created a lot of things that I’ve seen artists doing, and I’m really inspired by that,” Garcia continued.

“And that’s one of the reasons why I think we should make this garden into a world-wide project.

And if people come to see this, I think it’ll help them become more aware of the natural world and how we can care for it.”

Garcia is currently working on a project in Mexico called “Lucky and the Unhappy.”

“Lilly” is a painting about a woman with a green thumb, and her garden has been the focus of her work.

“People come to my show, and they see my paintings, and it’s just really inspiring to me,” Garcia concluded.

“Because I’ve never seen it this way before, and there are a lot more people out there who see it that way.”