You’ve heard of the Avants Garden Edges.

They’re the same kind of Edging that the likes of Leonardo da Vinci and Jean-Michel Basquiat used.

They are beautiful, durable and can last you for decades.

In the words of our friend and blogger, Mark Burdett, they are “the ultimate accent in the kitchen.”

And what a accent they are.

They come in many styles and materials to match your decor, from wood to fabrics to even the smallest pieces of fabric.

And they are great for decorating windows and doors as well as decorating a small space or a wall.

They are also perfect for accents on the walls of a kitchen, dining room or living room, or for accents to your kitchen or living space, as they can stand up to any decorative touches and are durable.

If you need a little more decoration in your kitchen, a few of our favorite decorating tips can help.


Cut a piece of fabric to match the pattern of your kitchen.

You can either buy a custom-cut fabric, or get one at your local fabric store.

Just make sure you know exactly what you want to use.

The fabric will look nice, but it may not be exactly what the decorator is looking for.


Use a contrasting fabric.

If you are looking to add an accent to a wall or door, then you can also make a matching fabric for the same purpose.

A contrasting fabric is a material that is either white, black or gray.

You might be tempted to use a dark fabric for a door, but this will add more contrast to your room and it will make the accent more interesting.


Use two fabrics at once.

If your decorating is more subtle, or you want a simple accent to stand out from the rest of the decor, then make two fabrics.

Choose one for a wall and one for the dining room, and have them matched by adding a matching pair of contrasting fabrics.


Use multiple fabrics at the same time.

You may have an interior wall with multiple fabrics in different colors and shapes, or use two or three fabrics at a time.


Use the right materials.

The Avants Edge is a great addition to any decor.


Mix and match colors and patterns.

The best way to make your decor stand out is to add multiple patterns and colors at once, so that it looks different from the wall to the wall.

Just choose two patterns for a window, and a third pattern for the door.

And then, just add more patterns.

This will add an element of contrast to any room and will add a unique accent to your decor.