A DIY garden wall decorating project could soon become a reality.

With the help of gardeners around the country, designers from the Netherlands, Canada and the U.S. have launched an online contest, called ‘gardenwallcraft’, to see who can create the best wall decoration.

The contest, which has already received over 50 submissions, is open now and participants will be awarded a prize for their work.

It was launched by Dutch-based artist Joanne van Buren, who is based in Amsterdam.

The winning wall decor will be entered into a drawing for a $100,000 prize.

This could be the perfect project for a new client, or even a gardener who has just recently started to plant.

It could be a wall in your back yard, or a patio.

Whatever the idea, a wall will make your home more inviting.

“I’m sure it’s the first thing you think of when you think about wall decor,” said Van Buren.

“But for us, this is the perfect opportunity for gardeners to be a part of the design process and to see their work in the world of home decor.”

This is a big, big deal for me.

I was always interested in home design, and my dream is to be able to build something with the people I love.

“The Netherlands has the largest number of garden walls in the European Union, with nearly 200,000 of them in place.

But there’s a large amount of work still to be done in the Netherlands.

The country is currently home to around 1.3 million people and there’s an estimated population of around 3.6 million.”

It’s not easy because the whole concept of a garden wall is so new,” she said. “

And it is still not very easy.”

“It’s not easy because the whole concept of a garden wall is so new,” she said.

“It’s a completely new way to decorate your home.

But I think there’s room for improvement.”

For Van Bounen, the concept of garden wall design has come from a very simple place: the backyard.

She has been gardening since she was 12 years old and loves the feeling of the air and the sun on the patio.

“The idea is to create a place where the sun shines and the soil breathes,” she explained.

“It is a very natural thing to do and the garden is very important to my personality,” she added.

While there’s not a lot of design documentation for the idea in the U: New York, Washington D.C., and other cities, there’s still plenty of information available.

“I have found that the Dutch people have this really interesting, innovative way of creating the garden walls,” said van Boren, “and that’s really exciting.”

Here are a few of the most popular wall designs in the contest:1.

The “Porcelain” WallDesigns like these one by the Dutch-Canadian designer Joanne Jannes have been making the rounds in the home decor community for a while.

But what sets them apart is that they’re both organic materials that are made from porcelain, a natural stone.

And they’re available in a wide variety of colors, from blue and white to red, green and white.

“The Porcelain Wall” design by Joanne Kjellberg uses organic materials to create the look of a traditional garden wall.

It’s available in various shapes and sizes, and is available online.2.

The ‘Rope’ WallDesigner Joanne Wiedijk created this simple DIY wall design.

“This is the ‘Ropes’ wall design,” said Wiedijks.

“A rope is just a rope that hangs over a wall.

We use it to anchor a decorative garden wall to the wall and then the wall will stay there.”

“The rope design is a really simple concept and it works very well,” she concluded.3.

The Spiral WallDesigning by Canadian architect and designer Sarah Smith created this wall design that uses an “organic rope.”

This design uses bamboo poles, and the poles attach to a vertical wall.

“We love the look and feel of bamboo poles and they look really great,” said Smith.

“When you hang a wall from the pole, it looks like you’re hanging something from a rope.”4.

The Wall of LightDesigner Rebecca Bohn created this beautiful wall design by using a “light” that was suspended above the ground.

“Light is very simple,” she stated.

“You simply hang the light up from above, and then it comes down to the ground and disappears.

It is a beautiful design.”5.

The Garden WallDesign by American landscape architect and landscape designer Michael Haney has a very similar wall design to this one, but he also uses a different design concept: an “integrated light garden.”

Haney’s work is also available online for all to see.