HONOLULU (AP) When it comes to making a good garden decor idea, there are no clear rules.

But the best way to make the most of your space is to find a garden designer who has worked on many designs before.

Here are some of the tips we’ve picked up along the way.


Look for a good budget garden designer The most important rule is to get creative.

If you’re going to spend $100 or more on a design, don’t be afraid to start with a budget.

“You have to go into this with a very open mind, not only to get it right, but to find the best design,” says Mark Stegemann, an assistant professor of architecture at the University of Hawaii.

“Because it’s the same idea that every designer has in his mind: ‘I like the idea of this.’

And if you do it well, it’s easy to go to another designer, who’s going to do it better.”

It’s also important to find someone who knows their stuff, says Stegamann, who has studied garden design at the Institute of Contemporary Art in New York.

“They’re going out and learning about gardens, and they’re going through the process of doing things.”

It can be hard to find such an expert.

“The best garden designers don’t work for big corporations, but they’re very good at finding the best people in their niche,” Stegams says.


Get creative with colors A garden designer should be able to create the most elegant design that fits your space.

But don’t just settle for the cheapest colors.

“There are a lot of garden designers who have a great eye for color,” Stagg says.

“And I think it’s because the color is so important to what the design is about.”

If you don’t know the right shade of blue, don the red or green, Stagg recommends using a design designer who’s experienced working with color, such as the painter who worked on a portrait for the artist Paul Klee.

If there’s a hint of color, use it.

“It makes it more interesting, and you don.t want to go for a simple design, but more of a design that is something you can’t go wrong with,” Stagamann says.


Find a designer who can build a garden design from scratch Once you have a design in your head, it will probably take a few tries before it’s perfect.

“If you’re in the same situation that you are today, you have to build the design from the ground up,” Statt says.

This means starting with a concept.

“Then you’ll have to experiment,” he says.

A few basic steps are required: First, you need to figure out what your space looks like.

Statt recommends taking a look at a cityscape.

Then you need a sketch of what the layout of the garden would look like, with your design in mind.

“Now you can start working with the design, and then you can make a few tweaks,” Stann says, before you start designing the garden.

“Once you start doing this, you can really go with what you’ve come up with.”


Get a planner to help you plan Your garden is your most important space, and the designer will have to work closely with you to find an ideal location.

“He’s the one who’s always looking out for the worst cases of this, and he’s the first to find these,” Stendams says, “and he’s always the one that says, ‘If you do that, you’re screwed.’

Find someone who understands what it takes to create a great garden design. “


Find someone who understands what it takes to create a great garden design.

Stagams says a good designer is someone who can bring their expertise to bear in creating a design. “

I always recommend someone who’s already got a design portfolio, who does a lot, and has been involved with this for a long time,” he said.

Stagams says a good designer is someone who can bring their expertise to bear in creating a design.

“One of the things that I always say is, ‘Make sure you get a designer with a great background in design,'” he says, adding, “It’s important for the designer to have an eye for the details.

If the details are not there, it can be difficult for the design to be successful.”

Stegamarans advice: “It should be very clear that you’re not going to get the design right if you have an outsider, and somebody who’s just going to say, ‘You know, that’s not going in the right direction.'”

Stagg suggests looking for someone who has been designing for a while.

“Some of the most beautiful garden design I’ve seen