Garden decorating statues are one of the most popular decorations for the Garden at home, but they’re hard to get hold of.

Now you can make your own, thanks to an Instagram post by the folks over at Kmart.

The photos are beautiful and they show off a whole bunch of garden decorating techniques, including a few that you can do yourself.

Here’s a list of tips that you might want to consider:If you have a few spare hours on your hands, head over to a Kmart and pick up some of these plants.

These will look fantastic in your living room, so if you’re looking for something more elaborate, there’s an array of plants you can pick from.

Kmart even sells plants from other retailers.

If you want to make a larger scale project, you can use the same techniques for the flower and fruit statues, but be sure to add in the garden decorations.

Kmart sells plants for both flower and tree-based statues, and they’re all well worth it.

You can find a lot of different plants that can make up the statues, so pick one that you’re happy with.