The sunflower is the flower that has the most beautiful flowers.

It is a beautiful flower.

Sunflowers are usually found in clusters on the ground, and are surrounded by other blooms, like leaves and flowers.

So the beauty of a sunflower plant is in its uniqueness.

But some gardeners choose to decorate their garden with a garden lantern, which is a decorative lantern attached to the wall or ceiling.

If you have a sunflowers hanging in your garden, the idea is that they will become a kind of decoration. 

Sunflowers make a great backdrop for decorative lanterns.

If your garden is in the middle of nowhere, the lantern will create a beautiful backdrop.

If the lantern is placed in a location that has sunlight in it, like in a garden, it will be an easy choice for creating a beautiful light show. 

For more decorative lantern ideas, check out how-to-make-a-sunflower-lamp article The sunflower can be easily grown in the shade, and the flowers can be hung upside down in the garden. 

You can even grow the sunflower indoors, so that the plant will not rot. 

Here are some of the more popular garden lanterns you can use.

How to make sunflower lanterns: 1.

Cut a large sunflower in half, or about the size of a large onion.


Wrap it in plastic and cover it with a sheet of paper. 


Cut out the top of the paper and hang it upside down from the wall.


Use a garden net to hang the lantern from a wall. 


Cut the top and bottom of the lantern to make it bigger.


Use glue to attach the lantern. 


Hang the lantern on a wire frame or other decorative element. 


Cut a hole in the lantern and attach it to the top or bottom of a flower. 


Using the garden net, attach the bottom of your sunflower to the plant. 


Cut the top portion of the sunflower into four small pieces and attach the flower portion to the base of the other pieces. 


Attach the flower pieces to the roof of the house. 


Add a layer of white fabric on top of your roof to create a sun flower garden.


Gather up all the other parts of your garden and decorate them with a beautiful sunset. 


Put a piece of white paper on top and hang the sun flower on the sun. 


The sky will be full of sunflares, and there will be plenty of light. 

What’s your favorite garden lantern?

Share it in the comments section below! 

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