It’s the season for seasonal Chinese cuisine at the Shanghai-based restaurant, which specializes in Chinese-inspired cuisine.

The menu features seasonal ingredients, such as ginger and carrots, as well as new and seasonal dishes like “Pork-Tender Pork Ribs” and “Beef Belly Soup” with pork belly.

The decor includes a variety of plants and leaves from the region, as the restaurant’s owner, Michael Cui, explains in the video below.

Cui also offers a variety, of which there are a few unique varieties, to the restaurant, including a Chinese panda flower, bamboo leaves, bamboo shoots and Chinese zucchini.

Cui, who was born in China and raised in America, said he was inspired to start Panda Garden after meeting the owners of the local Chinese restaurant.

“I love Chinese food, so I thought it was time to start my own Chinese restaurant,” he said.

“The first thing that I made with my staff was to make bamboo tea.

So the first thing I did was to learn about bamboo tea, learn about how to make tea and then I wanted to open a restaurant.””

I want to create a place that’s fun for everybody.

We’re not a restaurant that serves a particular ethnic group,” he added.

“We are trying to open an experience that everybody can have.”

While there are several different seasonal offerings, Cui said Panda Garden is a family restaurant, catering to the entire family.

He said the menu is based on a traditional Chinese recipe, and it is also vegetarian.

“We try to bring as much diversity as possible,” he explained.

“Some of the ingredients come from different places, but we try to keep it local and diverse.

We do have a few different kinds of Chinese-style vegetables.

The ones that we serve here are mostly zucchinis, the most popular ones.

We have a variety [of] fresh and traditional vegetables.

But there’s also some fresh and specialty things.”

Cui said the restaurant is also open to the public.

“When we opened Panda Garden, we did not have a menu.

We only had a few dishes, but the menu was kind of limited,” he noted.

“So now that we have the restaurant open, we will have a lot of new dishes and different things that are vegetarian.

That’s what I really want to focus on.”

While Panda Garden has received a lot more interest from Chinese food fans in the last few months, Cuyi said he is always interested in what is new and what is available to eat.

“At the end of the day, I want to make it accessible for everyone,” he concluded.