In the holiday season, you can’t really buy gifts for yourself.

And yet, thanksgiving gifts can help you out in a way that you wouldn’t otherwise.

Here are some of the best Thanksgiving gifts that you can buy.1.

A Christmas tree and tree stand2.

A holiday greeting card3.

A tree and ornament4.

A gift bag5.

A box of chocolates6.

A big pile of gifts7.

A package of toys8.

A personalized gift9.

A picture of your favorite family member10.

A candle or candle holder11.

A teddy bear12.

A stuffed animal, doll or pet.13.

A cute little gift for a loved one14.

A framed Christmas card or photo of yourself15.

A beautiful handmade ornament16.

A card to send to your friend17.

A hand-carved holiday card18.

A decorative tree or ornament19.

A sweet ornaments for your pet20.

A nice gift for someone special.21.

A birthday present to a loved ones.22.

A special gift for your dog23.

A pet wish for a friend.24.

A festive gift to yourself or someone specialYou can even find great gifts to celebrate Thanksgiving in a small way.

Here’s a few ideas for decorating your home or office.