Gardeners everywhere love the gnome, but some of us prefer to decorate our raccoons with more natural materials.

A garden in the UK, where gnomes are known as “terracottes”, has recently been praised by a leading ornithologist for its naturalistic design and aesthetic appeal.

The “terra cotta” garden at St. Paul’s, in Northamptonshire, is a wonderful place to grow your own pet.

The garden features an open terrace, two large stone garden benches and terracotta walls which are covered in natural colours.

The rhododendron, which grows on the back of the terracotch, has been the perfect addition to the garden since it was installed in 2013.

The terracottes also include a small outdoor terrace with a fountain and a bench.

The terracotte has a view of the surrounding fields and hills, and the garden is well-known for its beautiful gardens, as well as the beautiful colours of the rhodosperma species.