Garden lantern decorations are a big trend in the US and many of them are a bit more affordable than traditional garden windmills.

The new $2,000 Garden Lantern Decorator is one of them.

It has a high quality design, it is made from wood and has a built-in timer.

It is also the only one that comes with a built in battery for charging and it can even be used in your own garden.

The Garden Lanterns Decorating System can be bought from Amazon for $549.99, and it also comes with an instruction manual and two full-color photos.

This product comes with 3 sets of decorations and a set of instructions to follow.

The installation process is very simple, just put the lantern in a well and cover it with plastic.

You can then take the lantern out and start decorating.

Garden lanterns are typically used in the fall and winter months to provide a sparkle to the garden. 

If you are looking for a more elegant alternative, consider this new $200 Garden Lantern Windmill.

It comes with three different colors and an optional timer.

The $200 design is reminiscent of an antique lantern and is made of wood.

It also comes complete with a power cord and is set to turn on automatically every 60 minutes. 

Garden lanterns have been a trend for some time now and it seems like they are getting more popular. 

In a recent survey, 75% of people said they would purchase a garden lantern.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the demand for this new trend has been growing exponentially.