The past few weeks have seen a lot of controversy surrounding Ladybugs Garden Decor, a house-themed decoration that was advertised as a way to promote “dressing like a ladybug” and the hashtag #LadybugsGarden.

The house, which is located on the third floor of a house on Lake Worth Drive, is located at the intersection of Lake Worth Road and Eastwood Avenue.

Ladybugs is an official Ladybug of the Year winner in 2016, and it is currently one of the top 20 houses in the state of Florida.

Ladybugs Garden decor, which comes with a Ladybug headband, has become one of many controversies surrounding the Ladybugs home.

Some residents have complained about the decoration’s size, with one resident telling the Sun Sentinel the “biggest issue is that the house has too much of a green feel and the flowers are so dense.”

The house is also not very well lit, and is a sign of an unsanitary home.

According to the Sun-Sentinel, the owner of Ladybugs, a real estate agent, has said he plans to “continue to work on it,” while the Sun Times reported that the owner said the decorations are not a “sex-positive” theme and will not be sold.

While Ladybugs has received criticism for the size of the house, the decor has also received some support from residents.

“The ladybugs decor is great.

I don’t think it’s the biggest one, but I think it fits in with the house,” resident Terri Smith told the Sun.