A new law will see a ban on plastic garden fence decoration in the state.

The new laws comes as a result of a national crackdown on plastic waste, with the state’s Department of Environment and Heritage looking to reduce waste and increase recycling, with plastic waste being the largest contributor.

The laws come into force from April 1, 2017.

The Government is now looking to increase recycling of all household items to 80 per cent by 2020, and the recycling rate to 90 per cent.

New South Wales is one of the few states that allows garden furniture to be decorated.

“This is the first time in New South Welsh history that we’ve had an area where we’ve got a plastic garden garden fence, and it’s a pretty significant improvement,” Environment Minister Simon Birmingham said.

“We’re just really excited that it’s finally happened and hopefully we can use it to promote a greener and more sustainable future for our state.”

The law has been welcomed by environmental groups and has been backed by the Greens.

“If we’re going to achieve a green future, we need to make sure we’ve reduced our waste by at least 40 per cent,” Greens MP Richard Di Natale said.

The legislation was drafted by Environment Minister Peter Dunne, who is also a former deputy prime minister.

“What I’ve found in my time as minister is that we need people to take the lead in helping to change the way we do things, and that’s what this bill is about,” Mr Dunne said.