A few decades ago, the idea of a memorial garden was quite a bit of a thing. 

The idea was to build a beautiful, welcoming place where people could gather to enjoy a quiet day of the week. 

Now, many of the country’s best gardens have been replaced by sprawling concrete parks or lawns. 

Memorial gardens in America today are usually pretty bland. 

In fact, they are often downright awful. 

They’re full of old people and the like, not the kind of people who would come out to enjoy the outdoors. 

You’ll see it all over these places. 

So we decided to find some of the best ones in America, to see if they had a few things in common. 

And to see how they’ve turned out. 

It’s a good thing we did.

The Biggest Problem with Memorial GardensIn the early ’80s, the American public wasn’t all that enthusiastic about the idea. 

When the United States government started buying up lots of land in urban areas, there was a perception that the public would flock to the gardens if they knew they could enjoy them for free. 

A few years later, the gardens became popular enough to have their own section on the The National Park Service website. 

But even as the parks department moved to buy up land, the public was not ready for the new park style. 

As we explained in the video above, the current style of gardens is one of a few that are just plain ugly. 

This is partly because it has so much of the same elements, and partly because the public didn’t really like the idea, so they ended up turning to other ideas. 

Most of the public also had no interest in being treated to a beautiful outdoor park, and there was very little enthusiasm for paying for it. 

Even today, most of the new memorial garden design that is being proposed does not incorporate any of the basic features that made the old style gardens so appealing. 

Some of the most popular ones have nothing to do with the old designs at all, and they’re often the very worst designs in terms of quality. 

We’re going to show you five of the worst designs that have been proposed for memorial gardens in the past 10 years. 

One of the problems with memorial gardens is that they tend to be a bit too big, and are usually just too expensive to build. 

Here are five memorial gardens that are so big that they can’t fit inside the Memorial Garden State Park, California. 

(Photos by The Next Big Thing) A memorial garden is the perfect way to start the week off on a good note. 

Everywhere you look, memorial gardens have become a popular way to bring people together and celebrate the week in the outdoors without having to worry about spending more money than is needed for the park’s upkeep. 

What’s more, memorials are a great way to get rid of waste. 

If you’ve ever spent a lot of money at the grocery store, you know that sometimes you can save a ton of money just by getting rid of all of the junk and garbage. 

Instead, you can get rid for a very small fee by purchasing some organic produce and fruits and vegetables from the garden or buying local and local produce from local farmers. 

Unfortunately, memorial garden designs are usually so big and expensive that they just aren’t good enough for most of us. 

Let’s start with the worst: The Grand Memorial Garden, Colorado In 2006, a monument was unveiled to honor the memory of the late John Buehler, a former Marine who died while on a combat patrol. 

At first, it was supposed to be an annual event where veterans could come together and spend time together. 

However, it turned out that the monument was meant to be much more than a memorial. 

There was supposed a garden where people can hang pictures of the fallen Marines and reminisce about their time in the Marine Corps. 

Many people have since been protesting the memorial, claiming that the garden is a public nuisance. 

Another problem with memorial garden construction is that the government is currently trying to build an entire park around it. 

 The Grand Monument Garden, Texas In 2001, the National Park Board proposed the Grand Monument Gardens to be dedicated to the memory and service of John Bueshler, the late Marine Corps veteran who died in combat during the Vietnam War. 

Although there was some controversy about the proposal, the board was able to get the monument to be built anyway. 

Since then, the Grand Memorial Gardens have become an annual gathering place for the military veterans, and the Garden is one great place to hang out and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors in the spring. 

While the Garden itself is beautiful, it’s not the best idea for an outdoor memorial.

While Memorial Gardens tend to have nice gardens, they can often be very expensive. 

That’s why we’ve chosen five of America