article IKEA is about to open its new U.K. store in Coventry, England.

The first store to open in Britain since the company’s merger with Ikea-owned furniture giant Kogan, the store is set to be one of the most popular for home décor.

The new store is a collaboration between IKEAs creative team and Kogan to create the largest collection of home décollections in the UK.

IKEa’s new store will feature a number of products that were previously only available in the U.S., such as its new Ikea Pots, Ikea Mascots and Ikea Décollets.

I don’t have an IKEahouse in my house yet, but I know that the new store’s designers have been working hard to make sure that the items have a sense of style and are designed to last a lifetime.

This is a first for Ikea, as they have not yet made the most of their international distribution.

I have no idea how many products are available in this store, but that is not something that I would have expected to find in the first few weeks.

Ikea has already been opening new stores around the world, and the new Coventry store will be the first in the country to open.

It will be a huge hit with the U,K.

market, which will likely account for a large portion of the IKEas overall U.s growth.

Here’s a look at some of the products that will be available at the store.

The Ikea Home Decor Pots The Ikeas Home Decorative Pots are the centerpiece of the store, with a variety of different designs.

I’ve seen a few versions of these in various sizes, but the most notable is the Ikea HVAC Pots.

These are not for sale at the Ikeas new store, as these are only available for purchase at the Coventry IKEAHouse.

The Pots come in a variety types: a single bedding box, a double bedding pack, a triple bedding package and a single shelf.

The single beddings package is the most basic and will be sold in two colors.

It is made of polyester and is only available at Ikea.

The double beddINGS package comes with two different types of foam, which are available separately.

The triple beddING package includes two different sizes of foam: one that is soft, and one that has a softer feel.

The shelves come in multiple shapes, including an upright and a square.

The top of the shelf will be covered with a white cover, which is not available for the double bed dINGS package.

The Mascot is a larger version of the Pots pillow, and is a solid white pillow.

The bedding bundle comes in three different sizes.

The largest is the largest and includes a double mattress, which costs $1,900.

The other sizes come in three colors, and are only sold at Ikeas Coventry stores.

I’m a little confused by the double mattress here, as I know the Mascote pillow has a soft feel, and also has a white face.

I know, but how much of an impact is it going to have on the pillow’s price?

I think I will be going with the $1 a foot, double mattress.

The Home Decoration Kits for the Potties The Pottiest Kits are available for both the single bed and double beds.

They are available as a single set or as two sets of four.

The kit comes with a double, single and three-pronged pillow.

They come in different sizes, and can be purchased individually or as a set.

Each pillow comes with four different colors: black, white, blue and yellow.

The kits are sold in three sizes: double, triple and one-bed.

Each of the kit sizes is sold separately.

Ikeas has already released a number a Home Deco Kit products, but there is still a lot of room to expand.

The company is working on adding a larger selection of items to the range, including pillow sets, pillow cases, a bedside table and more.

There is also an exclusive collection of accessories, including a bed head, pillows, pillow covers and pillow cushions.

The IKEAhouse is the brand new home décoration for the Ikea store, and I’m excited to see what kind of success this store can have.

If you haven’t already checked it out, you can find more details and images on the Iikeahouse Facebook page.

If this is your first time shopping at Ikeahouse, you’ll be pleased to know that you can shop through all the products in the store without a reservation.

The store is open from noon to 6 p.m. everyday, and there are no opening hours.