Garden flags are the French flag of the Netherlands.

This is the first time a flag of this type was used by the French.

It is designed to represent the Netherlands, the largest agricultural exporter in Europe.

It was introduced in the 1920s by the Nationalist Party (PNV), a far-right party which sought to integrate the country.

The flag of France has long been used in the Netherlands by far-left political parties and trade unions.

But the flag of other European countries has also been adopted.

In 2010, the Netherlands adopted a version of the French national flag, which includes a green and yellow border.

The Netherlands adopted its own version of a flag that had been adopted by the UK, Australia, the United States and Canada.

Flags that are not made of wood or plastic are sometimes used to represent other countries.

However, a new flag is expected to be used by France in the near future.

“We are not thinking of the flags of other countries as a way of expressing ourselves or expressing our sentiments,” said the president of the National Council for the National Flag of France (CNNFF), Nicolas Gaudry.

He said the CNNFF would continue to promote the use of flags that are different from those used in other countries by “not trying to create an image of what is acceptable.”

“The flag is not the most important thing in our lives, but it is an expression of the sovereignty of the people of France,” he added.

According to the CNNFF, the flag has been used by French people since the late 19th century.

Last year, the French parliament approved a law that requires the National Assembly to approve a national flag every four years.

A new flag will be unveiled on December 31.