B.c. has a history of being a place where animals can live in peace and enjoy a healthy, natural lifestyle.

But this has been in sharp contrast to recent years with the construction of the Great Bear Rainforest Sanctuary, where more than 10,000 animals have died from predation.

The sanctuary, created by the federal government, is considered one of the most significant environmental accomplishments of the Harper government.

The province has spent $6.5 million on the sanctuary and has promised to continue to spend at least that amount.

The B.CA. government has been quick to say that it’s working hard to get the animals in the sanctuary back in the wild.

“The animals have been relocated,” said David Wills, a spokesperson for the province.

“The project is being monitored by the B.ca. and provincial governments.

It’s very important for us to work together and to do everything we can to ensure the animals are safe.”

The province says it will pay for the costs of the sanctuary, but the federal and provincial government are not sharing the cost.

Wills says there will be no compensation to the animals once they are relocated, but there will always be a safety net for them.

“This is an ongoing process.

They will have to be relocated as part of that process,” he said.”

We are looking at all options at this point to ensure that the animals get back into the wild safely.”

The BCA says it’s a very challenging time to work with the wildlife because the animals have had to move from their natural habitat to a new one in a place that is not natural habitat.

The ministry is asking anyone who sees an animal in distress to call 1-800-465-3222 or the number provided by the animal shelter, where they can be recorded.