New Orleans’ outdoor living rooms are an icon of the city’s resurgence, with more than 10,000 being built since the end of the recession.

The city is now home to over 500 of these unique living spaces, which are filled with everything from a large kitchen to a dining area and a movie theater.

Here’s a look at what to expect at the new outdoor spaces.1.

Kitchen, dining area, and movie theater The new outdoor dining area is one of the most innovative features at The Aladdin Theater.

Located on the upper level of the theater, this outdoor space features a large dining area that’s ideal for a large group.

The outdoor space is open to the public and also allows you to sit down and enjoy a meal while enjoying a movie.

The movie theater also offers a separate area with a private dining area for private parties.

This outdoor area also includes a private bathroom, as well as a covered-glass windows that can be opened and closed.

The restaurant and movie are also equipped with two-way mirrors, so you can see your guests and even the movie itself in the space.2.

Outdoor living room The outdoor living area features a fireplace that can burn your own wood, and the fireplace itself can be used as a heat source.

There are also large tables that can accommodate up to six people.

The indoor living room is filled with bookshelves and other furniture that can all be used for entertaining, and there are also several other outdoor seating areas throughout the theater.3.

Outdoor dining area The outdoor dining room is an outdoor living space that features a full kitchen, as opposed to the traditional dining room, which has a smaller kitchen.

The kitchen has an island that is made of natural wood, which is a very attractive feature for this outdoor living situation.

The space has a fireplace, which can be lit by a fireplace as well.

The dining room has a separate island, and also a large table that can hold up to seven people.

This indoor dining area also has a private bathrooms.4.

Outdoor movie theaterThe outdoor movie theater is also a unique space.

It features a separate theater with a separate balcony, with seating for up to eight people.

There is also an outdoor lounge area, with a large movie screen.5.

Outdoor patioThe outdoor patio is a special outdoor space that is filled to the ceiling with plants that can grow to be as large as your home.

This patio has a terrace with a full-size deck that can host a barbecue or play a game of pool.

The terrace is also equipped to house a fire pit.6.

Outdoor pool The outdoor pool is a unique outdoor space filled to capacity with a wide variety of plants that grow to match the surrounding area.

There’s also a waterfall and an underwater view.

There also is an oversize water feature that can serve as a water feature for swimming.7.

Outdoor theaterThe outdoors theater is another unique outdoor living environment.

It also has multiple outdoor seating and an outdoor patio.

There was also a balcony that can seat up to 18 people.8.

Outdoor loungeThe outdoor lounge is a small indoor space that can also hold up up to two people.

It’s equipped with a TV screen, a bar and a projector.9.

Outdoor cinema The outdoor cinema is also unique.

It has a large cinema screen that can screen a wide range of movies.

The room also has an outdoor balcony, as it is a separate outdoor living place.10.

Outdoor garden The outdoor garden is an interesting space filled with native plants that thrive in the garden environment.

The garden is also full of food and drink for a variety of occasions.11.

Outdoor fireplaceThis outdoor fireplace is another indoor space with a fireplace.

This fireplace is used for outdoor entertainment as well, and it’s also covered in natural wood.

The fireplace also features a glass ceiling and a balcony with a view of the entire theater.12.

Outdoor moviesThe outdoor movies are another outdoor living experience that includes an outdoor area.

It was designed by filmmaker Jason Blum and features an outdoor theater and a large outdoor balcony.13.

Outdoor playroom The outdoor playroom is a home movie theater that features outdoor seating for a movie of your choice.

It can also feature a bar with food and drinks for a party.14.

Outdoor dance club The outdoor dance club is a great place to relax and chill out.

It is filled for dance performances, so people can enjoy dancing on a big stage with friends.15.

Outdoor barThe outdoor bar is an indoor bar.

This bar is also stocked with food, drinks and games for a group of up to five people.16.

Outdoor fitness centerThe outdoor fitness center is another great outdoor living spot that features several different fitness options for groups of people.17.

Outdoor playgroundThe outdoor playground is a playground that is full of natural grass and trees.

It allows you and your child to enjoy a variety, including a swing, a slide, a treehouse, and a water slide.18.