When it comes to keeping up with the latest trends in the art of gardening, it can be difficult to keep up with what’s new, trendy and quirky.

For this reason, a new breed of garden architect has emerged: the DIY gardener.

They are people who spend hours making their own garden décor.

In the case of this DIY gardner, it’s the simple act of arranging garden objects in a way that’s as natural as possible. 

With this in mind, the Dutch design firm, Gartner, has put out a new survey, asking a wide range of gardeners to tell us what they’ve created.

The survey found that nearly half of the respondents had tried something new, and half had made a simple but effective DIY design.

It’s also the most common way of growing in urban areas.

The top 10 ideas, which were compiled by the garden designer, are:  1.

Simple garden accessories, such as water pots and pots for water source and soil, as well as compost bins, in order to reduce waste and increase biodiversity in the garden. 


Simple wooden planters with plants hanging from them. 


An open planter that allows you to place plants from different directions. 


A vertical planter with plants growing vertically in the centre. 


Plantings on a wall. 


Slices of a different colour to each other. 


Trees growing from different heights. 


Potted plants hanging off of a tree branch. 


Frogs growing from a pond or a water hole. 


Lots of different coloured plants. 

What’s Your Favorite DIY Gardener? 

 Gartner found that most gardeners had made DIY designs that were simple and easy to make.

Some of the best were the simple plant designs and the colourful plants.

But there were some really good DIY designs, such the simple garden furniture that came in a simple basket. 

The most popular garden design was the one with the frogs growing from a bowl. 

“Frog design is a very natural design that’s easy to work with, but also a lot of fun,” said the designer, and it’s an idea that’s also been copied by the designer of the Garden at Home and the new Baker & Johnson brand of greengroceries.

“It can be very simple and it can make a beautiful garden, but it’s also very colourful and you have to make sure it’s easy for everyone,” he said.

“I think the gardeners that create this kind of garden designs are just really creative and the more you get creative with it, the more successful you’ll be.”

 How to Make DIY Gardening Plants in the backyard or from a container How to grow plants from a garden basket in your home How to decorate your garden with colourful plants How to make a DIY garden furniture that’s useful for your home DIY garden garden designer’s top 10 list of top DIY design ideas for gardeners is below. 

1 Fruit and vegetable basket (from the book A Garden of Plants) 2 Simple garden accessories (such as water and soil pots and water source) 3 A simple wooden planter (with plants growing from it) 4 Plants growing from various heights (for a varied range of colours) 5 A pond or water hole (or other suitable location for growing plants) 6 Frozen pots (water and soil) 7 Planting on a tree branch (without a planter) 8 Plans for the animals (including frogs, rabbits and birds) 9 Fruits and vegetables (the fruit and vegetable variety) 10 A garden with plants growing vertically (this is the most popular design) Source: Gartners survey of over 1,000 gardeners The top 10 DIY design concepts What do you think?

Did your garden designer make a design that was unique, but you’ve never tried?

Let us know in the comments below.