IKEAHAN AIRLINES announced today that it is partnering Hainans Garden Design with a patriotic landscaping design.

The Hainas Garden Design project is the first of its kind in the US.

It’s an indoor garden designed by Hainani and a project of the IKEAWorld Design Challenge.

The designers chose the theme to celebrate the country of origin for IKEAS’ founder. 

IKEA has announced that it will provide an additional 25 percent discount to IKEAN AIRLINE domestic passengers for Hainainans Home Depot Home Garden Decor. 

The design is being presented at the Hainah Garden Design Festival in Shanghai, China this year.

IKEABlogger Karin Ostrander wrote that the design features an oversized IKEAC Garden, a popular garden center in China, and is the “largest garden in the world” .

The design features a garden with a variety of outdoor seating. 

Here’s the video.

The designers say that they wanted to create an iconic look for a country that has a strong connection to their history. 

Hainans design incorporates elements of the Chinese flag, with the design incorporating the flag’s silhouette on the exterior and an oversized border with the words “Hainan” on the outside. 

There is also an IKEAFamily.com link where customers can ask questions about their garden decor. 

To see more of IKEACA’s designs, visit this site.

Posted by The IKEATraveler at 6:53 PM