A bride-to-be from Florida is taking a bride-like approach to decorating her wedding gown with bird motifs, using her own feathers to decorate her gown. 

Gloria Krieger is the designer behind the bird-themed floral wedding dress on Indigogo.

The floral design is inspired by her love of birds. 

The wedding dress is currently priced at $1.99, and Krieg is offering the bride-and-groom $1 off her initial purchase to use the proceeds to purchase more of the designer’s designs. 

Krieger said, “I want to make a living off of my creations, so I want to offer my products as a way for people to be creative with their own personal design inspirations.”

The design has received nearly 2,000 views on the site, and there are many others who are inspired by Kriegar’s work.

“I’ve been inspired by the birds for years, and I just love seeing what they come up with,” Kriegers said.

“And they are beautiful.

I just like to keep adding to them.”

The wedding dress was designed to be a beautiful and sophisticated addition to the bride’s wedding day, Kriegs said. 

“The wedding gown will have the perfect complement to the flowers, and the birds are so beautiful,” Kries said.