Hailing from California, designer and garden pinwheel aficionado Sarah Jagger (whose work includes pinwheeling and other decorative garden plants) took on the challenge of creating a pinwheel from scratch at home.

To complete the project, Jagger had to make the pinwheel out of recycled wood, which she had previously cut to create her original garden-inspired pinwheel design.

Jagger created the pinwheel using reclaimed wood and recycled PVC pipe to create a large, organic and decorative garden-style pinwheel.

“The pinwheel was a collaborative project between me and my friends,” Jagger tells The Times.

“We decided to do it with a PVC pipe because we’re environmentally conscious, and the more PVC pipe we used, the more organic and beautiful the pinboard will be.”

The design uses recycled and reclaimed PVC pipe, which is environmentally friendly.

The tree-like shape of the tree gives the pinWheel its unique look, as well as its ability to hold and hold water.

“I wanted it to have a tree shape, so I used reclaimed wood to make it look more like a tree,” Jager says.

The DIY pinwheel comes complete with a decorative garden wall, which you can use to hang your garden design.

You can see more of Jagger’s pinwheel below.