The football world has been buzzing over the news that a young German shepherd named Tilly has become the first person to make a football chair out of rabbit fur.

Tilly is the second dog to have made a football-like chair, following a rabbit, who also became the first in the UK.

The two animals are now the only dogs to have been adopted by the UK as pets.

The rabbit, named Fauna, was adopted by David and Sally Hargreaves, who were living in the Yorkshire Dales, just outside of London.

The Hargresons took Fauna to a local animal shelter, and she went into remission.

The Hargressons’ second dog, Fauna was born to Fauna and Fanny.

He has since become the third dog to adopt the Hargretts’ beloved pet.

Fauna is a three-year-old purebred German shepherd who is being groomed at the animal centre.

The pair had originally planned to give the dog up for adoption, but they found that the dog was popular among the public, so decided to keep him.

The couple have been working to raise funds to help with the veterinary bills that Fauna is suffering from.

Tilly is one of the dogs that has been adopted to the UK, and will be kept at the Animal Rescue Centre, which is located in the town of Westbury, near to the village of Roddie.

It’s a very different situation to the one the Houghts had when they adopted Fauna in the autumn of 2017.

Fauna’s first year at the centre was a lot more traumatic, with a large number of rabbits being shot and injured.

Favourite animalTilly’s first home was at a local dog park, where he spent much of his time roaming around and being fed treats.

He also received a lot of attention from the dogs who lived in the area.

“I didn’t know he was adopted,” Tilly’s owner told the Daily Mail.

“He was a dog that just walked around.

He had no idea anyone cared about him.”

He was given a new home at the Roddies home, but Fauna did not receive the love he had been shown in the dog park.

“He was very different to Fanny, who was a little more aggressive,” the Hachs said.

“She was also a bit more reserved.

He was the perfect match for Fauna.”

The Hachmans adopted Fanny when they found out about her in 2017.

“When she was born we thought it was a bit too early,” Tillys owner said.

“She is a very gentle little dog, but it was obvious she needed some love, so we had a plan to take her to the animal rescue centre.”

We didn’t have much money, so she got the best we could and it’s paid off.

“The couple hope to continue caring for Fanny and bring him home with them when they can.