How to Make a Garden Pinwheel at Home

Hailing from California, designer and garden pinwheel aficionado Sarah Jagger (whose work includes pinwheeling and other decorative garden plants) took on the challenge of creating a pinwheel from scratch at home.To complete the project, Jagger had to make the pinwheel out of recycled wood, which she had previously cut to create her original garden-inspired pinwheel […]

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How to cross garden borders in your garden

Garden borders can be quite challenging to cross when you’re in the middle of the summer.In this article we’ll explore some tips and tricks that will help you cross garden boundaries.Garden borders are a vital element in a garden that can be hard to keep up with.They are also an area that needs to be […]

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Angel Garden Decorative Stool

Angel Garden decor is a great way to enjoy your home decor with the help of a decorative stool.We’re all about having fun, so why not use a chair as a decorative stool?Read More is a favorite among the decorating crowd, but the Angel Garden stool is more than just a great decorator tool.It’s also […]

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Which is best to paint your garden fence?

The best decorative garden fence decoration for your garden, according to a panel of garden experts.Garden fences are an integral part of the garden and are also essential for ensuring a healthy environment for wildlife.The panel, comprised of landscape architects, landscape architects and gardeners, met to discuss the design, construction, materials and materials used to […]

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