How to Make a Garden Pinwheel at Home

Hailing from California, designer and garden pinwheel aficionado Sarah Jagger (whose work includes pinwheeling and other decorative garden plants) took on the challenge of creating a pinwheel from scratch at home.To complete the project, Jagger had to make the pinwheel out of recycled wood, which she had previously cut to create her original garden-inspired pinwheel […]

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How the CrossGarden Designers are Changing the Garden with an Artificial Flower Source Polygon

Garden designers are changing the landscape with an artificial flower.From the simple to the extravagant, their designs have been gaining popularity with architects, gardeners, garden enthusiasts, and designers alike.This article will introduce you to the cross garden designers, how they make beautiful gardens look like natural landscapes, and show you the ways you can incorporate […]

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How to make a beautiful sunflower garden

The sunflower is the flower that has the most beautiful flowers.It is a beautiful flower.Sunflowers are usually found in clusters on the ground, and are surrounded by other blooms, like leaves and flowers.So the beauty of a sunflower plant is in its uniqueness.But some gardeners choose to decorate their garden with a garden lantern, which […]

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